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Students/trainees in the annual spring conference course, all courses within the proposed 18 credit Certificate in Health Disparity Reduction program sequences, and, indeed, the overall planned Certificate in Health Disparity Reduction program are supported in exercising academic freedom. While being exposed to academic content, teachers/lecturers and students/trainees may all exercise academic freedom and engage in self-determination. This includes, for example, students/trainees being free in all academic settings to express their attitudes and beliefs and values. Students/trainees are not graded or assessed on their attitudes or beliefs. No course requires students to endorse any beliefs or values of any kind. Typically, final papers are the venue in which students/trainees exercise maximum academic freedom, being able to freely interpret and apply the information to which they are exposed on the knowledge, attitudes/beliefs, and skills deemed consistent with the goal of reducing and eliminating health disparities. Papers should be done in such a manner that provides evidence of actual attendance at sessions (or watching videos of sessions), and completion of required readings, where applicable—while exercising their academic freedom and right to freedom of interpretation.